Climate activists to protest in Aberdeen against BP's oil plans

Climate change activists will take to the streets of Aberdeen tomorrow to protest against BP’s oil exploration and production plans.

Extinction Rebellion said it would stage a “non-violent” action outside Marischal College at 3:30pm.

The group has also organised a “peaceful demonstration” outside a BP petrol station in Fort William.

Energy giant BP is holding its annual general meeting at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre at 11am.

Activists from Greenpeace blocked access to the firm’s headquarters in London today.

A spokeswoman for BP said the company “welcomed discussion, debate, even peaceful protest on the important matter of how we must all work together to address the climate challenge”.

Some investors have accused BP of lagging behind its competitors’ efforts to address climate change concerns.

At the AGM, shareholders will vote on a resolution calling for BP to show how its strategy fits in with the goals of the Paris climate agreement in a series of reports.

The resolution was introduced by investors holding just under 10% of shares in BP and acting as part of the Climate Action 100+ initiative.

BP said in February that its board would support the resolution.

The company intends to double its North Sea production to 200,000 barrels of oil per day (boepd) by 2020, and add 900,000 boepd of new output globally by 2021.

But the company has chopped greenhouse gas emissions by 2.5 million tonnes since the start of 2016, putting it well on its way to hitting its target of 3.5m tonnes by 2025.

It has also invested in solar power and electric vehicle charging technology.

And starting this year, bonuses for 36,000 BP employees, including executive directors, will be linked to greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

But campaigners believe time is running out.

John Bolland, a former oil worker from Aberdeen, will attend the People’s Assembly outside Marischal College today.

He said: “I worked in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years and earned a living from it. I accept I share the blame.

“We have known for years that the impact of fossil fuel extraction was damaging the planet and our children’s future. But it’s too easy to put off the big and necessary changes.

“It has to stop and it has to stop now.”

Artist Amy Marshall will attend Fort William’s demonstration, and said: “I am utterly terrified about the unfolding climate disaster and ecological collapse.

“The destruction of wildlife and the wonders of nature is on a scale of magnitude that is almost too awful to grasp.

“We could have a better democracy, where Citizen’s Assemblies make decisions on climate change, free from oil interests.”

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