Breaking: Ineos to 'reduce flow' from Forties pipeline

Energy giant Ineos has announced it will “progressively reduce” the flow from its Forties pipeline.

The firm said today the reduction is connected to repair on the main heater of Train 3, one of its three processing units at its Kinneil facility.

Ineos said it anticipates unit will be out of full action until at least Tuesday.

Ineos has has reduced the throughput this afternoon by 150 million barrels per day (mbd).

In December 2017, flow through Forties was suspended, forcing a host of oil majors to shut down production from fields served by the giant pipeline due to a lack of storage.

Industry body Oil and Gas UK said £20 million worth of North Sea production per day was being held back as a result.

A spokesman for the firm said: “Ineos to progressively reduce flow of the Forties Pipeline System for repair on one of its three processing units at Kinneil.

“Ineos FPS has this afternoon confirmed that it has started progressively reducing the throughput of the Forties Pipeline System to 150 mbd.

“An operational issue with the main heater on Train 3 of the pipeline system at Kinneil requires immediate repair.

“The progressive reduction of flow through the pipeline is being managed with our customers and their offshore operations through this afternoon.

“It is expected that a reduced flow will be in place for two days until midday on Tuesday.

“A further update will be issued as we progress the repair.

“FPS have apologised to its customers for the inconvenience caused.”

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