BP, Shell and Engie among UK jobseekers 'most desired' firms

Energy giants BP, Shell and French firm Engie are among the top 25 “most desired” employers identified by UK jobseekers, according to career site LinkedIn.

The list, compiled each year by the job site’s editors and data scientists, is based on interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention.

BP are the eighth most desirable UK employer, while Engie and Shell were tenth and eleventh respectively.

All three firms hold large offices in Aberdeen.

With a 16,000 strong workforce,  BP were identified as a “desirable employer” thanks to its reverse mentoring programme where it pairs older senior executives with younger tech-savvy graduates.

Engie and Shell also featured highly thanks to each firms strong investment in clean energy, according to LinkedIn.

Oil giant Shell recently purchased renewable energy platforms First Utility, Limejump and storage firm Sonnen.

French firm Engie claims it received 550,000 CVs in 2018.

Helmut Schuster, group HR director at BP, said: “I am delighted BP is in the top ten list of most sought-after employers in the UK. We are working hard to create a work experience that is inspiring, challenging, and collaborative – where work doesn’t feel like work.

“In today’s dynamic world, the energy industry is rapidly evolving, and our focus as a company is to deliver more energy with less emissions.

“Put simply, BP’s purpose is to advance energy to improve people’s lives. We need ambitious people who have both the intellect and social skills to help BP lead this energy transition.”

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