BP finds platform’s water safe to drink after testing

Offshore workers who went for days without fresh water, amid fears it was affected by a contagious bug, have had their supply restored.

Staff on BP’s Clair Platform phase one, 50 miles west of Shetland, were cut off on Thursday and had to miss showers for days – instead using bottled water – while
an investigation was carried out.

They were not to drink cold water or to shower, and had to brush their teeth using only bottled water.

Water was also shut off to all personnel cabins, with just eight toilets for 125 workers.

Workers were told a water sample sent to the mainland had tested positive for the bacteria enterococcus faecalis.

Precautionary measures were enforced that led to complaints the men were being made to endure “inadequate living conditions” and suggestions that the platform ought to be down-manned.

The probe ended yesterday and company bosses announced the workers were safe from catching any illness in the water.

The bug, which can cause fever, sickness and diarrhoea, was said to be from a “rogue sample”, according to the platform’s bosses.

A BP spokesman said: “Follow-up sampling of the water supply
on the Clair phase one platform has shown no evidence of contamination.

“The platform’s water supply has been returned to normal and all precautionary controls have been lifted.”

A member of staff aboard the platform said on Thursday, at the height of the health alert: “We were provided with bottled drinking water to consume and brush our teeth with.

“There was general disgust that personnel could not wash after a day’s work and won’t be able to until Saturday.”

He added: “The general feeling was that personnel should be down-manned due to inadequate living conditions.”

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