Balticconnector Pipeline Construction Work in Sea Finalized

Balticconnector project offshore pipeline construction work in the sea has completed on Friday.

Pipe laying was finished at the end of June, and the shielding work began in mid-June.

Now that the shielding work has been finished, all construction work in the sea has been completed.

Next, the offshore pipeline will be pressure-tested in July-August, after which the pipeline will be emptied and dried, Baltic Connector Oy informed.

We are satisfied that the construction work for the offshore pipeline has progressed on schedule and that we can begin the final phases of the pipeline according to plan. We are progressing at a good pace towards the end of the year when the pipeline will be commissioned,” said Tom Främling, Baltic Connector Oy’s project director.

The offshore pipeline will be connected to the onshore pipelines in Finland and Estonia during the autumn.

The Balticconnector pipeline will be fully ready at the end of 2019, and gas will start to flow in the pipeline on  January 01, 2020 as the Finnish gas market opens.

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